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The Civic Society of Great Yarmouth was formed to develop civic pride in the town.

Its aims are not merely to engender pride in its buildings and architecture but in its environment, its cleanliness, the first impression visitors have when they arrive and its new developments.

The society wants to hear about the town’s good and bad points from the people who live and work there. What does it do well? Where could improvements be made? How can it be made more welcoming place and boost the local economy.

Great Yarmouth has a rich heritage, a vibrancy, and high potential.

The Civic Society of Great Yarmouth hopes, that by bringing people together to work to improve our town, that potential can be achieved.

Hugh Sturzaker MBE
Chairman of the Civic Society of Great Yarmouth

Our Aim

“Our aims are to make Great Yarmouth a better place in which to live and will preserve, protect and improve the town’s cultural heritage”

Annual Reports

Each year the Civic Society produces it’s “Annual Report”, to inform you what has been done and what is planned for the future

Click below to access the latest and previous annual reports in a PDF format.

Regeneration Report

Click below to access the latest regeneration report in a PDF format.